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Last seven days
arget_08 wrote in pkmn_fit
12th - 3488
13th - 4314
14th - 9323
15th - 10654
16th - 9753
17th - 8858
18th - 8745

My stepcount per day has definitely gone up since I started my acting class - when I had my archaeology class, I got 7000-9000 steps per weekday instead of the 8500+ I'm getting now.  Still not consistently getting above 10k, though.  I need to strat taking random walks, especially on weekends.

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It's REALLY HARD to find the motivation to get up and take a random walk. My best advice is plan for it in the morning -- get up, and take a walk first thing before you shower or clean up or anything. That way you don't have to spend the rest of the day putting it off.

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