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Ninth Doctor
someidiot wrote in pkmn_fit
Stealin ur format, arget_08.

6/12 - 10,815
6/13 - 10,047
6/14 - 13,797
6/15 - 8,736
6/16 - 18,869
6/17 - 10,168
6/18 - 7,445
6/19 (as of 5:04pm) - 1,085

Well, the rest of the week is making me feel a little better about my lazy day today, but I still feel fat XD Went over to mommymoose's house and had a Pokémon day with her and pkmn_breeder filled with pikachu-shaped pancakes, and am right now eating a burger. .___.;; looks like I have a lot of walking to do tomorrow.

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You must take a break every once in a while. You were still awesome. took everything not for me to eat about 5 of those guys. now can you not want to eat something so cute???

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