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Good evening sirs and madams
Well, I just found this place and am glad that there's a comm for Pokéwalking but sad that it hasn't been updated for just about a year! How are you guys doing? Are you still using your Pokéwalkers?

I started using mine a ton right after I got HG, I was pretty much obsessed and definitely played with that much more than I played the game itself. Then I moved to a different country and didn't have room to bring my DS with me, but brought the 'walker and kept using it hahah...
Now I have my DS again though, and just yesterday reset the game and the walker so that my friend could start playing it from the beginning. A bit sad to lose all my unlocked routes, but hey, new motivation to re-unlock them! I think so far it ended up at 8000 steps yesterday and today I haven't walked at all, but I guess I'll take a night walk or try to walk a lot tomorrow :-P

So did anyone lose a lot of weight through this? I know I lost a couple kilos from the walking over the last year, and right now I feel like I got fatter again, so I sure could use losing a few more now!

Ninth Doctor
Hi, sorry it's been so long, haha XDD;;

How about some discussion? I know exercise releases endorphins... Anyone who has been doing this consistently, do you feel like you're addicted to walking now? XD I don't know if this is addiction, but lately if I don't make it to 10,000, I feel lazy and gross. Nintendo has gotten into my head x_x

Anyway, school has started, meaning I can't take my morning walk everyday. Luckily, work has had me doing a special assignment the past two weeks that involves running about the building (instead of sitting at a cubicle). So here is my stepcount the past week:

8/20 - 15,887
8/21 - 7,422
8/22 - 16,172
8/23 - 14,768
8/24 - 9,993
8/25 - 11,851
8/26 - 14977

Sadly, I don't think it's going to last... once I'm stuck in a cubicle again I'm probably going to lose about 7,000 steps from my daily count. I'll have to make up for it somewhere x3

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Ninth Doctor
Stealin ur format, arget_08.

6/12 - 10,815
6/13 - 10,047
6/14 - 13,797
6/15 - 8,736
6/16 - 18,869
6/17 - 10,168
6/18 - 7,445
6/19 (as of 5:04pm) - 1,085

Well, the rest of the week is making me feel a little better about my lazy day today, but I still feel fat XD Went over to mommymoose's house and had a Pokémon day with her and pkmn_breeder filled with pikachu-shaped pancakes, and am right now eating a burger. .___.;; looks like I have a lot of walking to do tomorrow.

Last seven days
12th - 3488
13th - 4314
14th - 9323
15th - 10654
16th - 9753
17th - 8858
18th - 8745

My stepcount per day has definitely gone up since I started my acting class - when I had my archaeology class, I got 7000-9000 steps per weekday instead of the 8500+ I'm getting now.  Still not consistently getting above 10k, though.  I need to strat taking random walks, especially on weekends.

Stepcount / Pokéfit Video!
I forgot to mention -- I've been vlogging to keep track of my walking as well, haha. videos are here click meee.

Walked 13,797 steps on the 14th, and caught two -- count 'em, two -- flying Pikachus. SQUEEEEEE I am so happy right now ♥

Back on Business
So like, today I did a total of 8162 steps today. I could've done up to 1400 steps but I got a headache and rested. xD So then after a walk, I started to lift some weights. Yeah! Anyways, I'm going to try my hardest and drop 2 pant sizes by the end of the summer! Wish me luck guys! :D

Since my last post, I've only broken 10,000 steps twice, on days when I had to mow the lawn....

Found the scale sometime last week.  I think I was around 175, so my new goal is to get down to 170 by the end of summer (that's reasonable for a 5'10'' guy, right?)

Ninth Doctor

I went to Japan and walked around there, perhaps I will post some pictures later. I'm only just now getting back in the Pokewalker groove after bad jetlag & some knee problems, heh. Took a walk before my class at the YMCA today -- 10:30 AM and already I've got 11,432 steps. Doing good! :)

A week later
Wow, quite here lately....

Still haven't weighed myself yet.  Oh well.  Maybe this coming weekend.

Stepcount record since last post:
11th - 13966
12th - 11165
13th - 1927
14th - 7092
15th - 4265
16th - 4641
17th - 8534 (so far)
I've come to the realization that getting 10,000/day is going to be harder than I thought without four classes a day, three meals a day, and various student groups to get to...

I did finally succeed in catching a Ponyta after at least five days of trying! ^.^ Also got a Smoochum earlier today, so that was cool.

checking in
Hello all!

Today: currently at 7,071 steps, breakfast was a low-fat blueberry muffin and an orange juice, lunch was a bowl of clam chowder, a key lime tart, and milk. (Currently trying to get a Ponyta on Rugged Road)
Yesterday: 14,100+ steps, (first day since activating my 'walker that I got over 10,000) don't remember everything I ate but I know I had a second dinner of chicken strips and french fries, so....
Once I get home tomorrow evening I can weigh myself - I've lost weight each school year so far, but gained back freshman year's loss over that summer, so hopefully I can stay even (or maybe even lose some) over summer.
btw Is there any easy way to get some of the special release routes (i.e. Yellow Forest, etc.) at this point in time?