September 10th, 2011


Good evening sirs and madams

Well, I just found this place and am glad that there's a comm for Pokéwalking but sad that it hasn't been updated for just about a year! How are you guys doing? Are you still using your Pokéwalkers?

I started using mine a ton right after I got HG, I was pretty much obsessed and definitely played with that much more than I played the game itself. Then I moved to a different country and didn't have room to bring my DS with me, but brought the 'walker and kept using it hahah...
Now I have my DS again though, and just yesterday reset the game and the walker so that my friend could start playing it from the beginning. A bit sad to lose all my unlocked routes, but hey, new motivation to re-unlock them! I think so far it ended up at 8000 steps yesterday and today I haven't walked at all, but I guess I'll take a night walk or try to walk a lot tomorrow :-P

So did anyone lose a lot of weight through this? I know I lost a couple kilos from the walking over the last year, and right now I feel like I got fatter again, so I sure could use losing a few more now!