ow my kneeee

SO this morning I could only take half my normal walk (usually it's 9,000 steps, today it was only 4,000ish) because my knee was giving me so much trouble. I came back and had an egg, some white tea, and some bacon and toast... I came downstairs a bit later and there was still some bacon left, so I chowed down and also had a 100 calorie pack of cookies. .___.;; I really lost it today. Then there was Mother's Day dinner, which was veal... baked potato... and green bean casserole. A LOT of casserole, because I love it.

I felt so guilty about how much I ate that I... I think I overcompensated. I went to the store and racked up a few thousand steps, and then I came home, found my mom's knee brace, and tried the walk again -- this time making it the full 9,000 steps. :3 I also wandered around the house a bit more than usual today.

Final step count for Mother's Day?

...20,007. Wooooow. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow XD;


Yesterday I walked a total of 14,880 steps. Almost made it to 15,000 T_T oh well.

Good thing, too, because I had a huge greasy lunch at Steak n' Shake (Double steakburger, fries, and half a milkshake... there was a salad in there too.) And, while I was at Steak n' Shake, I CAUGHT ANOTHER SURFING-CHU! :DDDDD

I had to work that night so I didn't have a big, substantial dinner, but I did eat a huuuge apple with some peanut butter.

This morning I could only take half the walk I normally take because my knee was bugging me so bad ;___; I hope it calms down soon so I can keep walking~
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yesterday's count

I made it to just over 9000 steps. I was on the winner's route, so I tried to catch anything that had !! unfortunately my catching skills were not good enough and before I could nail an awesome pokemon the clock clicked over and my steps were gone! But I got a good walk in and seeing how close I was made me go out and walk a bit more to get the extra steps for catching!

Yay! I am here.

Oh man, I took my pokewalker off to check steps for this then forgot to put it on while I was running around like a maniac. So pkmn_breeder is here so we're heading out for a walk to get some decent numbers on our walkers. And we have the new winner's path route! Yay!!!!
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Daily step count post for May 8, 2010. How many steps did you take today? What did you eat? :3

So far I'm at around 10,100 steps because I took a long walk this morning. I've eaten 1 egg, toast and butter, and 3 cups of green tea. It's only 1:30pm, though, so I've got plenty of time to mess that up. I'll update with my day's total steps later tonight. ^^
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Intro / Rules Post

Hello! I'm someidiot, and I've been a Pokémon fan since I was nine. I recently got my hands on Pokémon SoulSilver and... to be honest, I've been using the Pokéwalker much more than the game itself. (I got the game when it came out, and I'm still in Goldenrod city... haha). In playing SoulSilver and using the Pokéwalker, I've dropped from size 12 pants to a size 10!

Anyway, I created this community because I wanted to encourage others to use Pokémon to succeed in their weight goals, and to motivate myself to keep going. There will be daily posts where you can brag about your step count and recount what you ate that day, and in the meantime you're welcome to make posts discussing either Pokémon or health tips. Or hell, both. :3

There are a few rules, however. Please follow them. ♥

1. Be polite. Don't be rude to anyone because of their weight -- or for any other reason. Use your manners and good judgment.

2. Don't make posts to complain about your weight. This is not a community for whining about how fat you are, this is a community to help you do something about it.

3. This is not a sales community. Do not post here to sell your Pokémon merch or to advertise sales on other journals/sites.

4. This is not a battle or trade community. Do not make new posts soliciting trades or online battles. There may be organized community trade/battle events at a later time.

5. Listen to the mods. We are in charge here.